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Pylon   /    Aug 12th 2020

NEW: Job Sheets for Solar Installers

A costly and time-consuming aspect of solar business operations is managing solar installations and install field teams.

Administrator staff must organize dates, personnel and equipment between the end-consumer, install teams and equipment suppliers to allow for a smooth installation process. Mistakes and delays may require additional site visits by install teams and cost the solar business in excess of $500 in labor hours.

Creating Installation documentation (commonly referred to as ‘Installer Job Sheets’) is a critical part of solar business operations and is a major pain point. Job Sheets are provided to the installation personnel and includes all information required by the installation team to complete a successful installation. This includes address of the site, components, bill of materials, panel layout and panel string design.

Prior to Pylon Observer’s Job Sheet, administration staff would use MS Excel to manually create the Job Sheet, inputting component details, site information and design. Excel formulas would be used to generate Bill of Materials to be included in the Job Sheet. The Job Sheet is then printed on paper and handed to installation crew. This is a time consuming process and would take administration staff approximately an hour to produce per installation. The manual nature of the process also adds the risk of human error.

Pylon Observer’s Job Sheets automates the creation of Job Sheets, allowing administration staff to produce a Job Sheet in two clicks. This utilizes information available in Pylon Observer as a solar design platform and eliminates the double entry that occurs when creating a Job Sheet on Excel. Administrator staff need to simply indicate which design has been sold and planned to be installed, and a full Job Sheet is generated.

Pylon Observer’s Job Sheet feature also improves on how Job Sheets are shared with installation personnel. Once generated, Job Sheets can be shared via SMS, email, QR code or by copying and pasting a URL link. As Pylon Observer’s Job Sheets are hosted online, installation personnel can simply click on the link they’ve received to view the Job Sheet on their mobile device’s web browser.

This eliminates printing and managing physical paper by the installation personnel.

Oseh Mathias

Oseh Mathias

Oseh Mathias helps solar installers learn more about Pylon and close more deals with the #1 Solar Design & CRM Software.

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