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solar   /    Oct 18th 2021

What you should know about Hi-res Imagery for Solar Design

READ THIS: Before you buy Hi-res Imagery for Solar Design

Hi-res imagery is important for solar consultants because it allows you to work remotely to create a solar system and assess shading. The better your imagery is, the better the quality of your solar system will be.

Most solar design software use hi-res imagery, but one size does not fit all.

Imagery is usually graded like this:

  • Low res imagery (Google Earth, 1m per pixel)
  • Medium-res imagery (30cm per pixel)
  • Hi-res Imagery (15cm per pixel)
  • Ultra hi-res imagery (5.5-7.5cm per pixel) - Pylon

The quality of your imagery dictates the accuracy of your design.

With ultra hi-res imagery like what you find in Pylon, you can see a leaf on a rooftop. This level of granularity makes measurements precise.

In Australia, Pylon has 90% coverage of ultra hi-res imagery, and 80% coverage in the USA.

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Most Solar Design Software - Low to medium resolution


Pylon Solar Design - Ultra hi-res imagery


Try Pylon for Free


Most solar design software charge you a monthly fee per user to get access to hi-res imagery.

Others are free, but require you to sign up with an imagery provider, which will lock you into a contract where you need to pay monthly fees.

With Pylon, you can get ultra hi-res imagery for $0 Monthly Fees. Pay $4 per project and get the best imagery with the best coverage so you can design accurate solar proposals for your clients from anywhere.

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Oseh Mathias

Oseh Mathias

Oseh Mathias helps solar installers learn more about Pylon and close more deals with the #1 Solar Design & CRM Software.

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