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marketing   /    Aug 12th 2019

CommBank $500 Green Mortgage Cashback

Update: This cashback offer is no longer taking any more applications. We’ll keep you posted if a similar offer returns.

Til the 13th of September, if your customer has a CommBank Home Loan and a 5kW or larger system they can apply for a $500 cash-back. This is a great opportunity for you to reach out to your existing customers.

Who’s eligible?

For the most part, eligibility is straightforward and covers most homeowners who are with CommBank and have solar. To qualify for this cash-back, your customer will need to have:

  • an installed system with output of greater than 5kW
  • a minimum home loan balance of $50,000
  • and a CommBank transaction account.

What do my customers need to provide CommBank?

CommBank just needs one document in relation to the sales/installation process to verify that there is solar. If you’ve kept a copy, send it to them again and simplify the process. Here are the documents that they’ll accept:

  • Paid Installation Invoice; or
  • Certificate of Electrical Compliance; or
  • Small-Scale Technology Certificate (STC); or
  • STC Assignment Form; or
  • STC Assignment Form Confirmation.

How do they provide it?

The easiest way would be to get your customer to drop by a CommBank branch with the required document. They’ll process it there and the ROI of the solar investment would be $500 quicker. Your customers can also call CommBank (on 1300 113 539) and they’ll take you through how to submit the request.

When is the final date for submission?

11:59pm AEST 13 September 2019

Email template

We’ve prepared a basic email template for you to copy-paste.

Subject: [Company name] - CommBank $500 cashback offer

Hey [First name],

How have you been?
I wanted to let you know about the $500 cash-back offer from CommBank. Here’s the link for more details: https://www.commbank.com.au/latest/green-home-loans.html
If you’d like to apply I can send you a copy of the required documents, just give me a call on [phone-number].

You need to apply by the 13th of September.


Frequently asked questions:

I am with BankWest, does that count?

No, BankWest home loan, Viridian line of credit, and Equity Unlock for Seniors are not eligible.

I have a solar hot water unit. Am I eligible?

No, this offer is limited to Solar PV Systems.

What if my inverter is 5kW but I have less than 5kW of panels?

No, you must have a minimum system output of 5kW.

How long is the processing time for my application?

Yes, if each house has over 5kW solar installed and your total home loan balance across all houses is $50,000 or more.

Alan Lam

Alan Lam

Alan Lam is a solar specialist with over 5 years of experience supporting solar businesses in Australia. Alan understands the nuances of government incentive schemes for solar in Australia and beyond in detail and has a wealth of knowledge to give solar installers.

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