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training   /    May 12th 2021

How to become a Licensed Solar Installer in Utah

Utah is a fairly easy state to gain a solar installation license in.

To become a licensed solar installation contractor in Utah, you must have a license from Utah’s Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) as well as NABCEP accreditation.

A license in the following fields is required:

  • S202 (Solar PV)
  • S200 (Electrical Contractor)
  • S201 (Residential Electrical Contractor)

The S202 license is most popular as it covers fabrication, construction, installation, and replacement of photovoltaic modules and related components.

Gaining S202 Licensure

To gain your S202 licensure, you must pass the NABCEP exam and apply to the DOPL for a license. There is no exam for the DOPL license, but you will have to sit an exam for NABCEP.

Work Experience

To pass the NABCEP exam, candidates will need to complete solar installations totalling at least 6 Project Credits.

Additionally, to become either a S202 or S215 contractor, one must have within the past 10 years a minimum of two years of experience as an employee of a contractor licensed in the license classification applied for, or the substantial equivalent of a contractor licensed in that license classification.

Generate and Convert Solar Leads

Once you have acquired your solar installation license, use our USA solar lead generation guide to fill your deal flow.

We also advise using Pylon Solar Design Software to generate proposals in under 2 minutes. It is the only full-features solar design software with no monthly fees. Instead, you only pay $4 per project.

Oseh Mathias

Oseh Mathias

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