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training   /    May 12th 2021

How to become a Licensed Solar Installer in Arizona

Much like solar installers in North Carolina, solar installers in the the State of Arizona must have an electrician’s license, although there are exceptions for other license holders.

As of January 1, 2020 North Carolina will also require all Contractors to take the North Carolina Business Law and Project Management Exam which costs $79.

Electrical Licensing - $182

Electrical contractor license fees are relatively affordable at a total of $182 and are conducted through PSI.

Other Licenses - $700+

Residential and Commercial General Contracting and Remolding Licenses may also contract for solar installations. However, all work pertaining to the installation must be subcontracted to a properly licensed solar plumbing, air conditioning, boiler, electrical or swimming pool contractor.

An exception is that the A-General, B-4 General and KA-Dual Engineering Licenses may perform solar installations. Roofing tile that function as solar collectors must be installed by a C-42, L-42 or K-42, roofing contractor.

To qualify as a contract in Arizona, you must pass the required examinations by at least 70% and submit the exam results to the Arizona ROC (Registrar of Contractors)

All license classes which are permitted to install solar also require at least 4 years of experience.

How to get your license

Arizona has one of the best licensing operations of any state in North America. You can often get licensed in one day, granted that you fulfil all of the requirements.

Experience Requirements

You must be able to show evidence of at least 4 years experience to gain your solar installation contractor license in Arizona. You can check that here.

Criminal Background Check

You will also need to pass a criminal background check.

Although the ROC (Registrar of Contractors) checks criminal backgrounds, it is important to note that not all criminal convictions will cause an application or renewal to be denied. Criminal convictions are reviewed to determine if the crime is substantially related to the duties, qualifications, and/or functions of a contractor.

The ROC also reviews and considers evidence of rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can be shown by counseling, gainful employment, passage of time without repeat violations, or completion of an appropriate rehabilitation program, etc. Applicants who still are on probation after a conviction, particularly a felony conviction, may experience more difficulty in demonstrating rehabilitation, due, in part, to the limited amount of time that has elapsed since the conviction.

Form an Entity

In Arizona, a license may be issued to a sole proprietorship (individual), a partnership, limited liability company or a corporation. So you may need to form an LLC.


You will also be required to pay a bond of anything between $2,500 and $100,000 in order to insure your business.

Licensing Forms

Finally, complete and submit a licensing form!

  • Mail this application to: Registrar of Contractors, P.O. Box 6748, Phoenix, AZ 85005-6748
  • Deliver this application to: 1700 W. Washington Street, Suite 105, Phoenix, AZ 85007-2812


Arizona currently has no formal reciprocity agreements with other states. However, incoming applicants for a license can fill out a form to request a waiver for the trade portion of the licensing exam. They will be required to note the state and provide company information concerning where they currently possess a similar license, and provide proof that it is genuine and in good standing.

Generate and Convert Solar Leads

Once you have acquired your solar installation license in Arizona, use our solar lead generation guide to fill your deal flow.

We also advise using Pylon Solar Design Software to generate proposals in under 2 minutes. It is the only full-features solar design software with no monthly fees. Instead, you only pay $4 per project.

Oseh Mathias

Oseh Mathias

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