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pylon solar design is the best solmatric software alternative

Solmetric SunEye Alternative

Want to buy the Solmetric SunEye? Don't

Pylon Observer is best choice for a Solmetric SunEye alternative, allowing you and your team to calculate solar shading remotely with no site visit required.

Instead of visiting a site location to measure solar shading, Pylon will let you type in an address and see year-round solar shading in less than a minute. Continue to system configuration to add panels in the virtual interface, select an inverter, determine load profiles, and deliver a polished solar proposal to your client in under 2 minutes.

Software-driven solutions like Pylon are the best alternative to the Solmetric SunEye and will improve the speed and precision of your solar quotes.

In addition to powerful remote shading features, Pylon gives you the ability to crunch NEM12 interval data, create load profiles, perform financial projections and send beautiful solar proposals. Also get a powerful solar CRM which keeps track of all user interactions

You can add an unlimited number of users to your team for no additional fees and give them high resolution aerial imagery, 3D shading analysis, job installer sheets and more.

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Detailed features:

See how we compare:

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Billed per
Pylon per project
SunEye per device


Pylon Email/Live-chat support
SunEye Discontinued
1-on-1 Training
SunEye Discontinued
Integration support

Feature comparisons are accurate at time of publishing, using publicly available information.

* 5-15cm per pixel super High Resolution Imagery - availability varies with region

Switching from the Solmetric SunEye to Pylon is quick and easy

Let our friendly support team do the heavy lifting for you

Get high-resolution aerial imagery

Pylon Solar Design Software includes high-resolution aerial imagery for photorealistic proposals. Pay $0 Monthly Fees for 5cm per pixel resolution.

Design better solar systems

Pylon Observer is designed to let you design an accurate solar quote in under 2 minutes.

Convert more solar quotes

Pylon includes a CRM with eSignatures and a payment gateway to boost your proposal conversion rates.

“Pylon saves us up to 50% of our design time.”
Paul Thistelton

Grow your solar business with $0 Monthly Fees

Fast Solar Design

A smart studio with all the tools you need to design better solar proposals in under 2 minutes.

High-res Imagery

Unbelievable imagery coverage with 5cm per pixel resolution, included in Pylon.

3D Solar Shading

Award-winning 3D Solar Shading Analysis predicts shading in seconds with high accuracy.

Interval Data Analysis

Seasonal, monthly, weekly and daily interval data analysis from NEM12 data.

Load Profiles

Determine grid reliance and storage needs with simulated load profiles for your solar system.

Financial Projections

Analyse energy bills, interval data, and load profiles to demonstrate ROI for your customers.

Installer Job Sheets

One-click installer job sheets keep everyone on the same page, with a QR code for easy sharing.

Web & PDF Proposals

Win more business with compelling animated proposals, esignatures & payment processing.

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