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Pylon for Education Providers

Partner with Pylon Solar Software to help your training organisation teach solar design.
Get FREE access to the #1 Solar Design Software for you and your students.

Get the #1 Solar Design Software Free for students

Pylon is the most-used Solar Design software. Get it free for students including high-res imagery, 3D Solar Shading, load profiles, and energy calculations.

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Practice design principles with Pylon

Pylon is the easiest-to-use and most comprehensive solar design software, making it effortless for students to practice good design principles.

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Learn about the solar industry

Give your students valuable insight into the solar industry including Government initiatives, global trends, and licensing requirements.

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Education Partners

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About Pylon

Pylon is a software company that was created by Nelson Zheng, a Bachelor of Engineering student who graduated from UNSW and started working as a solar engineer.

After finding a lack of affordable design options in the market, Nelson decided to create the solution he needed and was soon joined by Daniel Buckmaster, a CompSci graduate and software developer who helped build the app.

Along with a small team, Nelson and Daniel have created the #1 Solar Design Software in the world, in use from Brazil to Latvia, but particularly in Australia and New Zealand, where it has played an integral part in Australia's solar explosion.

Pylon is made to be easy to use, affordable (usually $4 per project, but free for you), and comprehensive.

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