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Create high resolution solar sales proposals in under 2 minutes.

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Design better solar systems in under 2 minutes

Pylon's solar design studio is designed to take solar designers from address to proposal in under 2 minutes.

Get high resolution imagery
for photorealistic solar designs

Pylon includes high resolution aerial imagery in-app with up to 5cm per pixel resolution.

Analyse shading impacts

Identify dates of concern and track shading impact throughout the year and optimise your solar designs.

Crunch energy data in seconds

Use powerful tools like NEM12 interval data analysis and load profiles to help you demonstrate ROI for clients.

Add battery storage

Choose from a number of battery storage solutions to give your customers accurate load profiles.

Convert more solar proposals

Convert more solar quotes with beautiful proposals, integrated eSignaturesand a payment gateway.

Streamline with Integrations

Here's what you get with Pylon  for $0 Monthly Fees

Powerful design studio

A smart studio with all the tools you need to design better solar proposals in under 2 minutes.

High-res imagery

Unbelievable imagery coverage with 5cm per pixel resolution, included in Pylon.

3D solar shading

Accurately model solar shading for your install site in seconds using Pylon's 3D Shading engine.

Interval data analysis

Import NEM12 grid data to produce seasonal, monthly, weekly and daily interval data analysis.

Load profiles

Model load profiles for your solar system to determine grid reliance and storage needs.

Financial projections

Analyse energy bills, interval data, and load profiles to demonstrate ROI for your customers.

Installer job sheets

One-click installer job sheets keep everyone on the same page, with a QR code for easy sharing.

Web & PDF proposals

Win more business with beautiful animated proposals, esignatures & payment processing.

“Pylon saves us up to 50% of our design time.”

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