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Start with an address

Pylon works in all countries where residential solar is popular, but you will find better imagery results in Australia, New Zealand, USA, and the Netherlands.

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Confirm location & get hi-res imagery

Pylon includes recent high-resolution imagery as part of its software package. You can also import your own custome imagery.

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Toggle historical imagery

Look back at the installation site over time to see how obstructions and shadows move throughout the year.

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Drag panels to roof

Select from one of the panels in Pylon's component database and drag them onto the roof, then drag across the roof using the build tool to duplicate your panels.

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Select an inverter & string panels together

Pick from one of the inverters in Pylon's database and string your solar panels together in the desired array formation.

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Calculate shading

The 3D Shading Feature uses the length of shadows and the angle of the sun to calculate the dimensions of obstructions.

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Add annotations

Make installations easier for the on-site team with annotations that show access, safety, and install features.

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Upload grid data

Proceed to System Configuration to upload NEM12 interval data analysis from the grid to inspect existing energy habits.

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Add storage and get load profiles

Choose a storage solution and generate a load profile that matches your customer's existing energy consumption habits.

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Model financial projections

Apply electricity rates and past bills to energy consumption habits and predict the future cost or feedback tarrifs for your solar system.

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You are now ready to send your quote

“Pylon saves 50% of our design time.”
— CEO of top 10 Australian solar company

Grow your solar business with $0 Monthly Fees

Fast Solar Design

A smart studio with all the tools you need to design better solar proposals in under 2 minutes.

High-res Imagery

Unbelievable imagery coverage with 5cm per pixel resolution, included in Pylon.

3D Solar Shading

Award-winning 3D Solar Shading Analysis predicts shading in seconds with high accuracy.

Interval Data Analysis

Seasonal, monthly, weekly and daily interval data analysis from NEM12 data.

Load Profiles

Determine grid reliance and storage needs with simulated load profiles for your solar system.

Financial Projections

Analyse energy bills, interval data, and load profiles to demonstrate ROI for your customers.

Installer Job Sheets

One-click installer job sheets keep everyone on the same page, with a QR code for easy sharing.

Web & PDF Proposals

Win more business with compelling animated proposals, esignatures & payment processing.

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