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solar   /    Aug 12th 2021

Top Solar Design Tools with Hi-res Imagery for American Solar Installers

Not all solar design tools are made the same.

Even if they have the same features, most software providers only include imagery for some countries and regions. That’s because around the world, different companies offer the hi-res imagery that solar installers use to design solar systems, perform solar shading and generate quotes for customers.

Here are the solar design tools with hi-res imagery available in the USA:


Pylon includes hi-resolution aerial imagery for Australia and the United States of America in the app, for $0 Monthly Fees. Expect resolution between 5cm - 15cm per pixel.

Pylon provides the most comprehensive feature-set out of any solar design software, and includes hi-res imagery.

To reduce your overheads, Pylon charges you $4 per project with unlimited users.

With single line diagrams, interval data analysis, native eSignatures on solar proposals, and QR-coded job installer job sheets among Pylon’s powerful features, the $0 Monthly Fees reduces your overheads and boosts productivity in your business.

Aurora Solar / HelioScope

Aurora Solar provides high resolution aerial imagery in their solar design software, and it’s generally fairly well-featured. However, Aurora Solar is very expensive. You will need to pay $199 per month per user, and an additional fee for each project you design with hi-res imagery included.

Another alternative was HelioScope, which provided a decent feature-set at a per user per month price-poin. They did not include hi-res imagery, which was an additional cost through Nearmap. HelioScope was recently acquired by Aurora Solar.



OpenSolar does not provide you with hi-res imagery.

They do allow for a Nearmap integration, so if you are willing to buy a separate Nearmap contract, you can use OpenSolar. Expect to pay about $200 a month, upfront for a Nearmap contract. You will also receive a quota, which you will need to pay extra for if you exceed.


SolarPlus is not available in the USA.

SolarPlus uses MetroMap which does not provide imagery in the USA. SolarPlus also may not allow you to upload your own imagery, making it not available in the USA.

The best Solar Design software for the USA

Pylon is the best solar design tool for the USA, with advanced features for no monthly fees. Add unlimited users for $0 Monthly Fees and get hi-res imagery, 3D solar shading, single line diagrams, interval data analysis and more.

Oseh Mathias

Oseh Mathias

Oseh Mathias helps solar installers learn more about Pylon and close more deals with the #1 Solar Design & CRM Software.

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